MICS (Mobile Intraoperative Consultation Service) is a patented, CLIA certified, innovative and an economically prudent alternative to traditional hospital based anatomic pathology service. It is similar to the point of care service provided by clinical laboratories in physician offices and urgent care centers. This is not a benefit just for pathologists; any specialty providing specimens for pathologists' review will benefit by this point of care service.

DPS MICS Mobile Unit

How the MICS can benefit you

MOHS Surgeons
With decreasing reimbursements you will benefit by owning your own MICS or renting one from your local pathologists. Avoid using expensive office space that may not be used every day or all day, fixed assets, capital expense, and licensing and maintenance costs for every location. Instead perform MOHS at any location of your choice on any day with one MICS. This also provides a huge tax savings when used as your regular mode of transportation and comes with a bumper to bumper warranty for three years unlike your office real estate and histology lab.

Surgery Centers
View the video to learn how a pathologist with a MICS can benefit your surgery center; it is the Best of Both Worlds: Conveniences of hospital and commercial labs without the hassles. Avoid depending on your local hospital who consider you as their competition and end the nightmare of using a large commercial lab that you cannot hold accountable for loss of specimens, TAT, availability of a pathologist on site or for discussions on important cases. A pathologist with a MICS is like having your own pathology service, instant pathology consultation on any specimen collection, preliminary reports, improves PR with the patients you serve, Improves efficiency for your surgeons, increase your revenues and increase your versatility as an independent ASC in the community.

We are one of the last specialties to get out under the hold of "The Suits", hospital administrators, commercial labs and now physician managers. Follow your physician colleagues and be independent; work where you want, when you want, how you want and with whom you want to!


Agent: MIX Management, a subsidiary of DPS builds the MICS for sale. MIX can arrange for a lease option through our banking affiliate PNC Bank & Investments.
MSRP: 200,000 USD
Warranty: Bumper to Bumper for Three years or 36000 miles, whichever comes first. See contract for details.

Joint Ventures

Agent: This can be with MIX or through DPS
Types: MIX can create a JV with any provider(s) to service a large area, fund the venture, help set up marketing plans and manage the process.  This allows you to do what you do best, practice medicine. DPS & MIX together can be in the JV if laboratory technical services and management are required in addition to the above.