Frozen Sections

Patented MICS technology brings an entire histology laboratory to your practice or ASC

  • Self-contained mobile units arrive at your facility prior to the procedure
  • Tissue brought to the MICS are grossed, frozen, cut, and stained by a pathologist who renders a diagnosis in less than 20 minutes
  • Secure radio links to your procedure rooms allow for real-time communication between the pathologist and your staff
  • Advanced telepathology technology facilitates immediate surgical conferencing between you and a pathologist
  • All specimens are transported back to our laboratory for further processing and sign-out

Image guided biopsies

Our pathologists and technicians arrive at your facility fully equipped

  • Mobile ultrasound machines are used to guide fine needle aspirates right in your exam room
  • Cellular adequacy is checked immediately, eliminating the need for repeated procedures
  • A preliminary diagnosis is shared with you and your patient before the end of the procedure
  • Materials collected are transported to our laboratory for further processing, including smears, stains, Flow Cytometry, PCR, and IHC
  • Final results are sent to your office as they become available, with macroscopic and microscopic images to assist you and provide further education for your patient