What is DPS?

Doctors Pathology Services is a physician owned and managed Anatomic Pathology practice based in Dover, Delaware. Through careful gross examination, macroscopic dissection, and microscopic evaluation, our team of specialized staff pathologists render a diagnosis using the most scientifically advanced methods available. DPS and its sister company MIX Management have also engineered and patented a mobile laboratory that brings sophisticated pathology services to ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices.   Point-of-care intraoperative consultations and ultrasound directed fine needle aspirates of superficial masses, traditionally reserved for inpatient procedures, are now made uniquely mobile through this service.

Why has my doctor chosen DPS?

Each specimen processed at DPS is subjected to a comprehensive, multifaceted clinical approach.  Through extensive research programs and continuing education, DPS remains on the cutting edge of diagnostic methodologies. We currently utilize the largest array of immunohistochemistry antibodies, and employ sophisticated PCR based molecular testing to accurately identify benign and malignant tumors as well as common and rare microbial infections.

Our Mobile Pathology division is an advanced, point-of-care system provided to physicians and their patients. By avoiding certain costly and time consuming inpatient procedures, our referred patients enjoy an affordable, state-of-the-art service in an outpatient setting.

Why have I received a bill from DPS?

Your insurance information is provided to us by your physician’s office. After our pathologists render a diagnosis, billing information is securely transmitted electronically to our professional billing service. If complete and accurate information was not received, you may be issued a statement. Insurance payments may also be denied for non-eligible services.

Depending on the type of insurance plan you have, you may receive a bill from DPS for your co-pay or deductible. You are responsible for this payment to DPS and should submit payment to the address provided on your billing statement.

If you feel that you received a statement in error, please contact us and our billing department will research the matter.

I don't have insurance, what are my options?

There are millions of Americans without insurance today and we understand the cost of healthcare is on the rise. As a courtesy, we offer all patients without insurance low-cost self pay options. We also offer highly discounted pre-paid rates that allow you to pay for your diagnostic testing the day of your procedure.

How do I access my lab result from DPS?

Your lab result has been transmitted to your physician, who will contact you to explain the diagnosis and schedule a follow up visit if necessary. To obtain a copy of your result, please contact your physician.

You may also access your results through our patient portal.

How do I contact DPS?

Our patient care team is here to help! Contact us.